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pastywhitelegs's Journal

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Roller Skates
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All hail the Pasty White Elite...

accents, airports, american girl pins, breakable objects, broken k keys, calculator games, cheap ugly jewelry, cheap ugly pocketwatches, chichiri, comic books, cooking with fred milton, dialects, don't wake daddy, earthworm jim, eating small children, fruit roll-ups, garage sales, garish colorations, goodwill, handi-snacks, harrison ford, hi-school pharmacy, high-polymer lead, hot guys with scars, indiana jones, japanese good luck charms, johnny the homicidal maniac, kid eternity, kitchen caboodle, kleenex, love hina, lupins, magic date ball, magical girl pretty sammy, maniac mouse, native american masks, naughty tentacle demons, nny, no da, overelaborate make-up, plaid-lined trenchcoats, planet laika, portugal, real life, rings that don't fit, road rovers, robotech, roller skates, scaring small children, scars, swat cats, tamagotchi, tan-in-a-can, the spaz, thrift stores, thundercats, ugly garish hats, ugly hawaiian shirts, underdog, used horseshoes, value village, vegetable broth, weird otaku-y obsessions

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