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just wanting to clarify a little something:

This is in NO WAY meant to be a racist community. This is just a community for anyone who has ever avoided wearing shorts because they are afraid people are going to stare at/be blinded by their pale, pale legs. This is a community for anyone who has ever avoided putting sunscreen on in attempts to get their legs somewhat less offensive, and just ended up with sunburn on their nose and scalp! THIS IS THE COMMUNITY FOR THE GOTHIC FREAK IN ALL OF US!! *cough* yeah...

I mean, I have a friend who's african-american, who always complains about being so pale. I just stare at her in disbelief, but she is one of us nonetheless.

So please, don't say "I can't join because I'm *insert nationality here*!!" There's room for everyone... that we like. J/K!


*end rant here*
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